Sometimes products get updated with minor changes, and so we sell these off at a heavily discounted rate.

BULK - ONLY 2 Packs Available ! Bulk Pack of Resources - Some are previous version (slight changes) $800.00 AUD


Boost your SSP resource collection at school ! Why half price? The Duck level Keyrings (400 high frequency words) are latest version. A4, A5 Spelling Cloud for Walls, A3 Cloud Mats, A3 Coding Posters and Small Monster Cards have slight changes since this version (but nothing major) A5 cards are the older version with example word. Stickers are Visual Prompt stickers for the 4 Phonics Code levels and ideal for 'Make your own Monster Bank' (current version)

Pack Contents.
10 Duck Level Keyrings (regular price would be $20 each - $200)
5 A4 Wall Clouds (regular price would be $85 each - $425)
5 A5 Wall Clouds (regular price would be $65 each - $325
2 A5 Monster Cards (regular price would be $85 each - $170)
20 A3 Coding Posters (regular price would be $20 each - $400)
2 Spelling Cloud Mats (regular price would be $20 each - $40)
5 Sets of Stickers (regular price would be $8.50 each $42.50

Total would be $1602.50