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We are passionate about children, literacy and the empowerment of parents and teachers. Sharing our love of books is what drives us...we want EVERYONE to experience the joy of reading for pleasure. We sell SSP resources online, including the new Steps to Reading Early Years Program...teach your child to read before they start school!

SSP was only introduced across classes this year, so that's about six months of effective teaching. The data speaks for itself. Percentage students who achieved the UK Phonics Test pass mark of 28/40 or higher in 2018 was 51%, this year (2019) was 82% Percentage of Year 2s who achieved 32/40 or higher (the pass mark used in England at the end of the year) – same cohort 2018 51% ...2019 88% ! THANK YOU for giving us more effective teaching tools !

SA School Leader

Teaching children to read and spell!

Utilising the Science of Reading (SoR) - Sight Words Done Differently

Learn about Code Mapping and Monster Mapping... playful techniques used within the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach !