1.2: Term SSP Training Brisbane Sat Feb 29th - Kindy, P/1, Learning Support, Home Schooling Parents

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First workshop of the academic year, term 1. Humpybong State School, Brisbane. Saturday Feb 29th 9.30 - 1.30pm

Target audience- those working with children in Pre-School, Prep and Year 1, and parents of children aged 2-8. Ideal for home schooling parents ! These focus activities can also be used as an RTI with learning support students.

'Affect size across those students working with SSOs 3 times a week for 30 minutes SSP intervention was more than 1.0. Expected growth for any student in one year is 0.4' (Those working in learning support can ask to connect to schools already using SSP in this way)

It doesn't matter which program is being used at your child's school, this training you will help you help them to read and spell more quickly and easily; if you understand the science of reading, and know how to develop phonemic awareness and phonics skills at home you will know how to prevent difficulties. Learn how to help them learn hundreds of high frequency words quickly, even if the school is trying to teach them as whole word 'sight words'.

You will be using Phase 1 to develop phonemic awareness, so that students are ABLE to transition to mapping phonemes to graphemes, and use Linguistic and Visual Phonics. Students can’t learn phonics without this vital skill. Orthographic mapping is at the heart of 'SOR' (the Science of Reading)

The Speech Sound Monsters are an incredible tool within this phase as they represent a phonetic symbol from the IPA, helping us to focus on phoneme articulation, isolation of phonemes in spoken words, segmentation and blending - before introducing the graphemes used to represent these small units on paper.

The explicit phonics teaching activities are the first 3 activities you will undertake each morning. You will need 30 minutes:

* Speedy Code Mapping (alone, pairs, groups) using Decodable Readers

* Phonics Code Level Video

* Coding Poster

By the end of term 4 of prep around 80% of students will have the phonics skills to pass the end of Year 1 UK test! #year1phonicstest

We will cover The Speedy Six Spelling, which can be used as a whole school approach. 6 daily activities to further develop phonemic awareness, non high frequency code knowledge, working memory, vacab, and to explore spelling patterns (inc etymology and morphology)

We will spend about 30 minutes just looking at how to access the online training, for Snap and Crack, Punctuation Poems, Spelling Cloud Poems, Decodable Readers, Speedy Six Spelling planning etc. Schools only need 1 membership per school, and we want you to see exactly how much is included!
With the training you are given a 30 day free pass to access the site. ConDUCKtors.com

The training fee includes Chants Strip, showing the 4 Code Levels, and you are sent a download that will be used with the children in Phase 1; Monster Strips and Visual Prompts.

Can't attend an SSP workshop? Train online - new course can be accessed at https://www.conducktors.com