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SPECIAL OFFER FOR PARENTS AND EY EDUCATORS. New Steps to Reading (and Spelling) Program created specifically for very young children. Teach your child to read before they even start school.
Please pay using this link for automatic access https://www.speechsoundpics.com/plans-pricing

Register using the LOGIN button at SPEECHSOUNDPICS.COM and choose the single user option. GB£75, approx US$90/ AU$145

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Learn how to use SSP (The Speech Sound Pics Approach) in the comfort of your own home! Learn how to help students learn !

Reading, writing and spelling made easy for all, everyone included. Teach every student as if they have dyslexia from day 1.
Includes access to the Code Level and HFW videos, and Snap and Crack resources (cracking comprehension) and so much more.

Download the Monster Mat as a digital download, to create name labels and games etc !

We are adding more and more digital downloads each week.

If you cannot use the app, or buy internet free, this is where you will also access the SSP student videos - phonics and high frequency words.