SSP In-House training via Zoom with Miss Emma

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There are 2 options.

Full day training session for P- 2

Zoom session 1 9 - 10.30
Zoom session 2 11 - 12.30
Zoom session 3 1.15 - 3pm

Following the 90 minute teaching plan (4 times a week)

* Speedy Solo and Paired Decoding (decodable readers)
* Code Level video (there are 4, students watch their video)
* Coding Poster (reinforce and consolidate the grapheme recognition, blending and sentence reading from the video)

(the three above take around 35 minutes and cover explicit phonics - please stick to that sequence for optimum learning outcomes)

You can deliver the following in the way that works best for you.

* The Speedy Six (activities 1, 3 and 5 on one day, 2,4 and 6 the next - on one day eg Friday- they explore using product boxes etc)
This is a focus on spelling using morphology, etymology, orthography..

* Guided Reading/ Reading Groups - a focus on code mapping high frequency words and being able to authentically PM benchmark (no reliance on memorisation or guesswork)
We provide resources to ensure the children are working towards orthographic mapping and the teacher can focus more easily on comprehension.

* Snap and Crack (you can do this as part of the reading group work or after the Coding Poster work, with code level texts)

*Rapid Writing (5 minute activity that has all sorts of benefits!)

You will have a writing focus based on the national curriculum. However you will apply the SSP principles, regarding editing spelling errors.

AU$1750 plus GST

Essential resources (needed prior to training)
You will need coding posters for every Prep and Year 1 student, and teachers use these during training. You will also need a set of spelling clouds for walls and a membership. If you order for training you will be offered a discount. You pay for training first, and then email

Option 2
Advanced Spelling workshop for grades 2-7

This is a 90 minute workshop.

Essential resources - a set of spelling clouds for walls (Build a Speech Sound Wall)

$600 plus GST