Code in a Box CLASS Phonics Teaching Pack (25 Students) including free puppet

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Class Pack Bundle with 1 month free access to member's area

Recommended hard copy resources for teaching reading, writing and spelling using the Phase 2 Routine in the classroom.
Teach Reading and Spelling Phase 1 and 2, covering:

Oral Language
Phonemic Awareness
Vocab Knowledge

MASSIVE discount for ordering as a bundle. When ordered separately this would cost more than DOUBLE!

Bought as a bundle for $875 plus postage and GST

This is what you get...
* Monster Mapping Kit Handbook (use this to create resources for Phase 1, to lead into the Phonics element, and then the Big Six.
Sold separately $65

* Speedy Sight Words Handbooks for Photocopying (use this to create home and classroom flashcards, 400+ high frequency words Code and Monster Mapped)
Sold Separately $75

* 25 x SSP Student Coding Posters
Sold separately, 25 x $20 = $500

* 2 x Sets A4 Coding Posters
Sold separately 2 x $22.50 - $45

*5 A4 Spelling Cloud Mats
Sold separately $20 each = $100

(1 per student - so order extra if necessary)

* Pocket Rocket Readers - 1 Orange Box and 1 Purple Box
(We suggest laminating them)
Sold separately $35 each = $70

* 1 SSP Spelling Clouds for walls (A5 size)
All the Spelling Clouds, all spelling choices
Sold separately $65

* 5 SSP Spelling Cloud Keyrings
(also encourage parents to order for home use, which will really help reinforce classroom learning
Sold separately $22.50 each = $112.50

* SSP Duck High Frequency Word Keyring
-extension for Coding Poster Sight Words/ Duck Level Words)Sold separately $20

* 5 x SSP Monster Cards (Small)
Sold separately $17.50 = $87.50

*1 Letter Formation Cards (RWI)
Sold separately $20

*1 Speech Sound Monster Bank to display all spelling choices.
Sold separately without cards for $95

*1 Phonics Skills Assessment Pack
Sold separately $55

Free Speech Sound King worth $35
Spelling Cards (300+ spelling choices cards) $95

NB Teacher not included :-)

Order pass to online training and student videos at if new to SSP. 1 month pass included.