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Recommended for parents and anyone new to SSP. Teach your child to read and spell in the early years. The Monster Mapping Kit in a Box

Teach reading and spelling - online course now available !

* For a limited time only a set of mini scrabble tiles and wooden rack. Here, we have put velcro stickers on the back and used with the rubix game you can buy in KMart!

Purchased Individually, the kit would cost :

A4 Monster Mapping Kit - Photocopiable Resource Book - $65
(Getting Started)
Includes SSP whiteboard.

2 Packs Monster Cards - $35 / Visual Prompt Stickers $8.95
(Make your own Monster Bank)

Sight Words Done Differently Handbook (400+ words) $75

Decodable Texts - Pocket Rocket Mini Readers - $35

A4 Coding Posters - 4 Phonics Code Levels - $22.50

A4 Spelling Cloud mat - sold separately $20

Total would be $261.50

Also includes a 3 month pass to with the kit!!

Teach your child to read and spell with the kit.
Also suitable as an intervention for students with dyslexia.