AMAZING ! Speech Sound Monster (Spelling) Bank - Simply insert corflute / card to stand

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The new Speech Sound Monster bank comes ready made, in black material - so the package even with 2 packs of cards and a spelling cloud keyring only weighs a kilo ! It is approximately 1 metre high and 50cm wide.

Starts from $95 plus GST and postage.

The product can be ordered as 'basic' as many have their own packs of monster cards and spelling cloud keyring already.

You can order with 2 packs of Monster Cards (worth $35) ready to slot into the pockets, and pay just $20 for the cards.

Or with the 2 packs plus 1 Spelling Cloud Keyring worth $22.50 (slot into the last pocket) you order with the Speedy Sight Words book, with 400+ high frequency words (worth $55) for a total of AU$175 - a saving of over $30!!

Each pocket has an associated SSP 'visual prompt' already stuck on to the plastic sleeve. See photo.
The visual prompt on the clear plastic pocket is on the Spelling Cloud - students will have fun matching up the visual prompts and cards when they first set up the bank.

It is sewn like a pillow case, so get a piece of corflute and insert, to make the Monster Bank stand up !

This is the ideal resource to keep those Monster Cards organised, show the systematic teaching of the phonics code (the ribbons represent each SSP Code Level) and each card has the spelling choices for each Speech Sound (phoneme) Monster.

As the bank is hand-made there is a 5-7 day turnaround, plus shipping, but definitely worth the wait !