Internet free VIDEO BUNDLE 1 (30 video files) Internet Free Phonics / High Frequency Word Videos

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Internet Free Option for Schools. You are sent the files as MP4s - You can then shared through your shared drive and put onto any devices that stay in school.

Price is determined by how many students on roll (not how many are likely to use them)

Your school leader will need to sign a contract, and IT team will need to add the files to your Shared Drive. Students can then watching the core SSP phonics and high frequency word videos without internet. There are now 30 videos.
No other videos will be included in this bundle.


SSP Green Code Level

SSP Purple Code Level

SSP Yellow Code Level

SSP Blue Code Level

Long (20 mins) Short (5 mins)

Visual prompts only
Visual prompts and Monsters
VP, Monsters with Sound Pics
4 Code Levels

Coding Poster
Sound Pics and Monsters (All 92 High Frequency Graphemes with example words in 6 minutes)
Decodable Words - 4 Levels
Decodable Sentences - 4 Levels

Coding Poster Green
Coding Poster Purple
Coding Poster Yellow
Coding Poster Blue

2 Minute Monsters (All Monsters with Phonetic Symbols)


Duck Levels 1 - 7 - Speedy- No Monsters
Duck Levels 1 - 7 - Code Mapped

Duck Level 1 Monstered and Code Mapped
Duck Level 2
Duck Level 3
Duck Level 4
Duck Level 5
Duck Level 6
Duck Level 7

The 7 levels cover 400+ high frequency words

PM Levels 1 - 10 HFWs

30 Lessons in total.

When the contract has been signed the links are sent within 7 working days.

The cost is :

AU$1275 plus GST for schools of more than 200 students

AU$875 plus GST for schools with 51 - 199 students

AU$575 plus GST for schools with less than 1- 50

This covers the cost of the BUNDLE 1. If these videos are updated you can request the updated version at no extra charge.

Each video is watermarked with the school name. Your IT team will add to the shared drive, and the contract clearly specifies that teachers are to be made aware that any sharing of these files, or attempted download, will lead to legal action against the school.


Have internet at school? Watch the 30 videos through members area.

Parents and tutors can access all 30 videos using the SSP Monster Mapping app for AU$20 :-)
Make sure you let them know !!