Internet Free Mini Bundle -BUNDLE 2 - the 4 NEW Code Level and PM Reader HFW videos

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For a limited time only you can order the 4 Coding Poster videos, to watch on ipads and computers with splitters prior to doing the Coding Poster. Also includes the high frequency words from PM Levels 1 - 10, around 110 sight words, code mapped, and now the PM 10 - 15 and 16 - 20 words! There are 7 files in total.

Download the contract here after paying, and we watermark your videos, with the name of the school. The video files are sent within 7 days as MP4 files.

Students watch the 6 - 8 minute video which covers :
Grapheme recognition
Blending of graphemes into Code Level words.
Rapid reading of code level words in sentences.

They then transfer this to the coding poster, learning more every day, reinforcing prior learning.
When they can write the graphemes (sound pics), read the words and sentences they watch the next level video.

Each video shows the graphemes for the next level, so that they are constantly trying to move up.

The 15 minute PM Level 1 - 10 video covers words, and aligns with when students are introduced to them - so 'the' etc come first, 'said' would be further along as in level 3 and up. There is a student assessment booklet to accompany this video. (See digital downloads) There are now also the 2 videos covering high frequency words in levels 10 - 15 and 16 - 20 (around 320 sight words in total) These are not monstered.