ICRWY 1,2,3 and Away! Pre-Readers 1 - 12 - Code Mapped and Monster Mapped!

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1,2,3 and Away! The Village with Three Corners.

Pre-Readers 1 - 12 - Bundle of 12 books for AU$84 (plus GST if in Australia) and postage.

Use these readers from around the middle of the SSP Purple Code Level, as the children have good phonemic awareness and are used to isolating, segmenting and blending phonemes, and have an understanding the words are made up up 'pictures of speech sounds' - and the Sound Pics (graphemes) depend on the word. The letter 'a' may represent multiple speech sounds, for example, and this depends on the word. The Code Mapping (black/ grey patented technique) show where each word is segmented, and the Speech Sound Monsters (an alternative to the IPA) show HOW each Sound Pic is pronounced when translating the written code. Even though this may be different to spoken language (because of accents) children easily 'translate' this universally recognised IPA mapping system.

This is a world first.

All of the 1,2,3 and Away Books are being Code Mapped and Monster Mapped! https://www.123andaway.com/1-2...
These books were written by Sheila McCullagh and used by Miss Emma in England when she first graduated as a teacher and was teaching Reception and Year 1. Children LOVE them, but can't easily decode all words early on in their 'learning to read' journey ...but they can now! They revolve around The Village with Three Corners.