Internet Free Video - PM Levels 1 - 10 Reader High Frequency Word Video (110 words)

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I analysed PM Level 1-10 readers and assessment texts. The booklet of over 100 ‘sight words’ is a digital download, flip book for ipads and a video for tablets and whiteboards.

To use Monster Mapped resources simply use the 2 minute Monster video every day - each Speech Sound Monster links with a phonetic symbol, ie represents a phoneme (and not a letter of the alphabet) Even 2 year olds learn all the monsters in a matter of days (and love them)
By learning these you can also access Monster Mapped resources to help teach reading and spelling, regardless of which programs you use at school. It creates a common language, and a focus on phoneme articulation, phoneme segmentation and blending - which underpin all reading, writing and spelling skills ! This also helps teachers learn about 'speech sounds', as they tend not to learn about this when training to become teachers.

You will see that these high frequency words (HFW) align with PM readers and assessment texts, that consist of around 80% of the words in Levels 1- 10. By recognising these words quickly they have more freed up working memory to visualise and comprehend the text, and to use strategies to figure out all other words, even if not easily decodable.

By teaching these words in this way students can 'benchmark' at PM 10 more easily, before the end of their first year in school, and also correctly spell the words when writing. Again, these words are often used in early writing, and knowing the Code Mapping enables them to write more freely, as less time is spent trying to remember memorised whole words. It is far easier to recognise a word, than to remember how to spell it.

If your school uses a 'sight word' program such as Fry, Dolch, Magic, Oxford etc then there are other options to 'SSP' your teaching, so that students map phonemes to graphemes eve while learning these words that are traditionally taught separately to phonics.

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