SSP Brisbane Training (North Lakes Hotel) with Kylie - Sat May 15 - Parents, Teachers 4- 7 year olds

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Next workshop with Kylie Saturday May 15th 9am - 1pm - and extra time after to ask questions and collect resources! Learn to teach children aged 4 - 7 to read, write and spell!

AU$175 plus GST Includes 1 month access to to check it out! (worth $50!!) You will be sent the Monster Strip file to print and laminate prior to training. Watch Hattie below, with her Monster Strip. She can take off cards as velcroed!


Basic Overview:

Getting started - assessing for poor phonemic awareness and developing it using the Green Code Level visual prompts with the Monster Routine. Kylie will discuss tracking phonemic awareness during term 1 of prep/ reception.

Please download the SSP Monster Sounds app before training and become familiar with the first 6 Speech Sound Monsters. They are 'phonetic symbols for kids".

Understanding Code Mapping - the process by which children move towards Orthographic Mapping. Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers!
- Code Mapping words - mapping phonemes to graphemes
- The Monster Routine for spelling - using the Monster Mat, and understanding the phonetic symbols - IPA.

Introducing the children to 'Sound Pics' (pictures of speech sounds - graphemes) and moving into phonics within weeks 1 - 3 of prep (or week 1 of year 1)

Strategies - Speedy Paired Code Mapping (to develop decoding fluency and encoding skills) - you will do this. Please bring a book with you (any book that you can read!)

The Learning Routine
- Starts with Speedy Paired Code Mapping
- Student watch their Code Level video (get the SSP Monster Mapping app to view before training)
- Students do the Coding Poster at their phonics Code Level
- The Speedy Six Spelling (you will do activity 1)
- Snap and Crack (you will create a session from text on board) - this is a comprehension activity.
- Rapid Writing (you will do this from an image on the board)
- Sight Words Done Differently (you will already realise all words can be Code Mapped by now)

Quick video about letting the children self-edit their writing after being allowed to 'just write' (emergent writing)


This training is also available online at

Please arrive by 8.45am for coffee and sign in.

Bring a white board and pen, and a book you can read and also the Monster Strip printed and laminated.

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