Brisbane public workshop (suitable for ANYONE) - August 22 - Teaching Routine (Children Aged 4 - 7)

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Saturday August 22nd 9am - 1.30pm - Questions until 2pm
Morning tea provided. Humpybong State School.

This is a workshop suitable for parents and teachers who are working with children aged 4 - 7, with the aim of ensuring they learn to read, write and spell with independence and confidence as quickly and easily as possible!

In order to offer YOU more confidence, we will go through the activities you can follow; a teaching structure that enables 1 or 25 children to work at their own pace, and experience success!

The session is as follows:

Step 1 - Pre-phonics - includes an overview of Kylie's phonemic awareness tracker.

The Routine!

*Solo, paired and group decoding (this is actually to help children to SPELL with greater confidence)
*Coding Poster Video
*Coding Poster (reinforcement, application of skills)
*Reading Groups (aligned with PM levels. Includes Snap and Crack for speed reading and comprehension skills)
*The Speedy Six Spelling/ SSP Spelling Strategy
*Sight Words Done Differently

Please arrive by 8.45am for a cuppa and registration, and a 9am start.

Bring your own white board and pen please, and a book that is YOUR 'reading level (any book)

Options are to buy just a ticket or to buy a ticket WITH a 12 month membership to (worth $145) Memberships offer online training and hundreds of resources, as well as free access to Zoom training with Miss Emma.
With a membership the ONLY thing you need to do this routine is a set of spelling clouds for walls, and a coding poster per child. Everything else in accessible in the member's area. So worth paying the extra $100 upfront.
You will get access within 48 hours of payment.