CLOUDS - Monster Cards - A5 - Speech Sound Monster Cards with Spelling Clouds!

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Use these to build sentences, as a whole class activity, or just to become familiar with all the Speech Sound Monsters, quickly. Ideal for class teachers and early years classrooms.

See video below, of a 2 year old learning the Monster Moves and Sounds with the small cards. See size comparison in pic.

These have Monsters on one side, all spelling choices on the back ! Perfect for building words on the class whiteboard.

Glossy plastic cards, wipe off sticky finger marks ! - these are $85 - or glossy card set for $65
You can also add a set of visual prompt stickers for $10, to stick onto the front of the card (showing Speech Sound Monster) This reminds the adults which phoneme the monster represents. The visual prompt corresponds with the VP shown next to the Spelling Clouds.