Teaching Students to Read and Spell.
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New to the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach ? Start with this free parent and teacher guide.
Watch students learn to read and spell in the SSP Stories pages of the Dyslexia Doctor House® web site, and read teacher testimonials. Parents just need the new Monster Mapping kit. The class pack for teachers is our most comprehensive ever, ideal for Reception and Year 1 teachers, to teach reading AND spelling!

Aussie School Sale Item ! 172 Decodable Readers from Phonics Books Ltd just AU$850 plus $40 shipping & GST! See how each decodable reader fits into the systematic grapheme teaching order using the free guide. Watch a 3 year old using her SSP 'Duck Hands' (fingers) to isolate, segment and blend the high frequency graphemes before reading the page with fluency and expression, on the SSP facebook page.

Use these decodable readers to reinforce your systematic phonics teaching using the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach.

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Need Digital Downloads? Masses of fantastic new Monster Mapping® resources being added to the MM store, dedicated to developing Communication, Language and Literacy within the Early Years.

The 30 Minute Phonics Program from Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer