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The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach is a way to teach reading, writing and spelling. but can be used in various ways. For example Australian Prep and Year 1 teachers can use the class pack and follow the Phase 1 and 2 routines, to cover every strand of the Australian Curriculum for English F/1 No more 'mix and matching' of literacy related programs!

The 30 Minute Phonics program can be used as a stand alone phonics program. and the Speedy Six used as a whole school approach to teaching spelling. The High Frequency Word resources can be used as a standalone 'sight words' program. There is also an intervention program used with students who need to catch up, as they did not have SSP in earlier grades (or have moved from a different school) or who have learning differences and need learning support. If new to SSP we suggest you do the online training as all options are covered. You will have a six month access pass, and any teachers at your school can use it. This is ideal if you have relief teachers or new starters.

Because we now have these standalone programs you can order a 'Code in a Box' depending on your needs. So the 'Spelling Code in a Box' 'Phonics Code in a Box' (for 1 student or a class of 25 students) and a HFW Code in a Box. if you are simply looking to use SSP to teach 400+ 'sight words' quickly and easily. So you can also easily store the resources and keep them organised.
Note that Phonics Code in a Box @ Home and Phonics Code in a Box @School come with a 3 month pass to the online training at ConDUCKtors.com

Completely new to the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach ? Start with this free parent and teacher guide.
Watch students learn to read and spell in the SSP Stories pages of the Dyslexia Doctor House® web site, and read teacher testimonials.

Watch a 3 year old using her SSP 'Duck Hands' (fingers) to isolate, segment and blend the high frequency graphemes before reading the page with fluency and expression, on the SSP facebook page. Use these decodable readers to reinforce your systematic phonics teaching using the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach.

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The 30 Minute Phonics Program from Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer

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